Introducing Rapidfixers. 

We are UK national based company servicing the Retail Industry for all Installation requirements for over 25 years.        

Rapidfixers presence within the retail industry has been ever increasing over the last 25 years and can be seen in the number of services provided to complete retail solutions. 

  • Project Management Solutions

  • Checkout Installation / Refurbishment / Maintenance

  • Racking & Shelving Installation

  • Entrance & Barrier Systems 

  • POS Displays, Merchandising and Graphics Install 

  • Electrical & Plumbing Solutions

Rapidfixers success in providing excellent Retail Solutions can be derived from the 24/7 all round service we provide to support clients with their project requirements. 

Our dedicated Account and Project Management team oversee the Planning, Feasibility, and Functionality of each project to co-ordinate efficient services and success.


 "...our vision is within the fulfillment

of customer satisfaction, whilst

recognising the skills, and imagination

of it's workers..."

Please call 01902 489639 now, and we ensure to provide a rapid response
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